Your bathroom should be your sanctuary, but a badly designed one can leave you frustrated. Our design experts answer customer queries daily, so we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you plan your new bathroom.

To bath or not to bath?

Yes you want a bit of luxury, but do you really need that huge bath tub? If it’s going to leave you squeezing in around it, consider a smaller size. Generally, from a re-sale point of view, it is good to have at least one bath in the house, but if your bathroom is very small, consider forgoing the tub altogether in favour of a walk-in shower.

Wet room or shower cubicle?

Wetrooms can be incredibly functional and easy to clean, and they are very practical for children or those with mobility issues. With no bulky shower enclosure, you can open up even more space. On the downside, wetroom bathrooms can get very, well, wet! You’d need to think about the right tiles, ventilation and design to prevent slips, wet towels and condensation.

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How to brighten up a small/dark bathroom

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house, fitted in the spaces between bedrooms. If your bathroom has no windows or a small window, think about skylights and layered lighting. You can also increase the feel of light and space by using wall mounted sinks and frameless glass shower screens. The old trick of using mirrors and shiny surfaces to reflect light to give the illusion of more space also works well.

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Style vs Functionality

There’s no reason you can’t have both – just make sure you start thinking about the practicalities of layout and how your bathroom will be used day-to-day, before adding the luxurious finishing touches. If you have your heart set on a statement bath or high-tech shower but are tight on space, it could still be possible with some clever design, just speak to our experts