Choice is a wonderful thing, but when it comes to adding warmth to your perfect bathroom, what do you go for… a classic, stylish radiator, or an ultra­modern underfloor heating system?

The radiator/towel warmer

Hot Hoop by Bisque

Hot Hoop by Bisque

They’ve been classed as a luxury item for well over 40 years now, and although today’s modern radiators are much more efficient than earlier models, not a lot has changed.

They offer us a warm, welcome home in the evenings, dry our damp washing and comfort us with a warm towel when we step out of the shower. What’s not to love?

With so many colours and styles to choose from – from classic column radiators to sleek

monochrome panel models – the humble radiator has become something to be celebrated in both modern and classic bathrooms.

Archibald by Bisque

Archibald by Bisque

 In the last decade, the trend has moved more towards the use of towel warmers, which combine exceptional heat output with a place to warm and show off your best towels! They come in a number of different styles and shapes, from classic to contemporary and the damn right funky such as the amazing Bisque Archibald or Hot Hoop ranges.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating adds a truly luxurious element to any modern bathroom. Who doesn’t want warm feet when brushing their teeth on a cold winter’s morning, or stepping straight from a cosy carpet onto a warmed tiled floor?

One of the obvious benefits of underfloor heating is that it’s invisible and therefore, a great choice if you want to create a clean, minimalist look. It’s also a great space saver in small bathrooms or en­suites and frees up extra wall space for bathroom furniture to stand against.


Heat Flow| Underfloor Heating v Radiator. Image by WarmUp UK

Although the main aim is to offer warmth, underfloor heating and radiators distribute heat differently, creating different levels of comfort. Underfloor systems produce an even distribution of heat, which warms people and objects directly, instead of just the air around us. This results in a reduction in heat loss, making them an efficient alternative to conventional radiators.
When paired with a smart thermostat, the system will respond to changes in temperature, producing the most comfortable heat output for your home, and saving you money in the long term.