As 2018 quickly approaches, we take a look at the growing trends in the bathroom industry buying market. It is a great time to be in this field as the market is quickly increasing with vibrant and creative designs in style, meaning designers can be ever more creative; producing timeless beauty.

According to AMA Research (Kitchen and Bathroom Products in the House building Market Report – UK 2016-2020 Analysis) a recent report has shown that the demand for bathroom fixtures increased by more than 12% in 2016. Now, the market is amounting to over £700 million in value! This is due to consumer confidence and the housing market rising and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon…

New Build Market Trends

There are a number of things you should be looking out for if you are in the ‘New Build market’, which could lead to essential business growth.

  • There should be two or more bathrooms in a family home, with a full en-suite for the master bedroom
  • High quality fixtures, with an eye for longevity and style are a must to attract house buyers
  • Designs which are favourable to the ageing population, for example handles and rails (or at least the option to add these at a later date)
  • Digital technology such as scales, automatic sensors and temperature control should be considered
  • There is an increased attraction towards ‘wet room’ style showers
  • Most importantly: space saving opportunities, especially in apartments and flats. These can include wall hung toilets and basins to compact furniture and slim line appliances

These trends will most certainly remain to mould the UK bathroom product for many years.

New Build Housing

Consumer Market Trends

More and more people are deciding to renovate and update their household bathrooms to keep up with modern trends, with the bathroom being one of the rooms in the house that an individual spends the most of their time – having a long relaxing soak in the bath, taking a hot shower (or a cold one!), or just getting themselves ready for the day.

And so, it makes perfect sense to design a space, as fashionable as it is functional, in which you will enjoy spending your time!

The following design trends are ones which we find remarkable and noteworthy, which will stand the test of time whilst keeping a functional edge, despite being easy to keep clean and pleasing to the eye…

Mixing natural materials

People are becoming increasingly interested in clean and simple neutral tones which are inspired by nature, design experts predict that there will be a return to using natural, organic materials in the next few years. Harmonious lines along with uncluttered fixtures and fittings could create a perception of pure sophistication, with the addition of leafy greens and natural fibres… Take a look at some of the tiles we provide here, or visit our Facebook page to see an extensive range photographed from our showroom!

Larger tiles and stones

Large tiles ultimately mean less grout and therefore are easier to clean! Not to mention that they’re stylish, tasteful whilst eye-catching. Although larger tiles may have many benefits, they may incur extra costs, for things such as a stronger basis in order to apply the tiles.


Wood, due to its risk of warping and buckling was an unpopular choice in the past however expertly treated wood is making a comeback as shower floor slats, decoration and even wooden baths are now available for purchasing on the market! Wood, stone and metals are becoming ever more popular, a trend for natural, timeless resources.

Small space & dark colours?

I know what you’re thinking – dark colours in small spaces are a huge interior design faux pas! However, pair the dark colour tiles or paint with a white suite and natural wood with greenery will add an ‘industrial chic’ look to your bathroom…

70’s inspired brass

When you look at a typical bathroom, the taps and handles are usually seen in chrome or polished silver… Why not replace them with brass which is a small, relatively cheap change to completely update a tired bathroom. We recommend pairing this with the similarly on trend marble – whether in accessories, counter tops or basins. Take a look at a selection of Taps that we can provide, here.

The bathroom: A space for design and relaxation

As we have mentioned previously – the bathroom is becoming one of the rooms in the household that people spend the most time in. So it is very important to keep on top of current trends to add value to your homes or for businesses to ensure they are providing the modern trends to their customers, resulting in staying on top of their industry!

We here at Castle Tile & Bathroom Studio, make sure we only provide our customers with the best quality, ‘on trend’ suites and tiles at a price that will suit anyone’s budget. It costs less than you might think to upgrade your bathroom, call in to our show room or have a chat over the phone on: 0160675306

We have a number of beautiful suites in our showroom that use this style, come and visit us at our tile and bathroom studio to see how this could work for you –

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