Our kitchens have enjoyed the ever developing advances in technology for years, from self-cleaning ovens to taps that produce boiling water on demand. So, how are these latest innovations and gadgets being used in the bathroom? Well, new technology is enabling our bathroom to work for us; fit in around our lifestyles whilst transporting us to our own tranquil spa like place. Here’s a look at some of our favourite bathroom gadgets, from smart solutions to suit all budgets, to the most inspiring, high end luxuries you’re more likely to see in five-star spa resorts.

Sensory Sky – by Dornbracht

Showering will never be the same again thanks to this ‘open-air’ style shower from Dornbracht. The Sensory Sky shower offers a unique spa-like experience for the ultimate luxury bathroom. Inspired by natural elements, Sensory Sky is choreographed with precision-controlled patterns of light, warm rain, fog and essential oil aromatherapy to stimulate the senses. Users can programme their own settings or choose from three options: READJUST; that sharpens the senses – with mist, warm rain and a pleasantly soft, dry, forest floor fragrance. RELEASE; as cleansing and liberating as intensive summer rain – accompanied by a fresh tropical-like fragrance. REJOICE protects, envelops and stabilises. The outer, warm rain curtain becomes a projection screen for the light effects as water droplets glisten in the colours of the rainbow. Added to this is a poetic fragrance composition with a sweet-spicy and woody finish. Whether you use a pre-set or personal programme, SENSORY SKY creates a uniquely sensual feeling, like showering outside in the open air.

Smart Water – by Dornbracht

Dornbracht’s Smart Water technology is revolutionary in digital bathroom devices. Typically, it enables you to turn the water on and off, control the temperature, water flow and empty and fill the bath. However, what sets it apart from any other digital bathroom device is that water from two outlets in a shower can run at different temperatures and pressures. So, your main shower can be set at a different temperature and flow to your hand held shower.  The software can also be individually programmed for a truly unique bathroom experience. Smart? We say genius.

SensoWash Shower Toilet – by Duravit

The collaboration between Duravit with renowned French designer Philippe Starck has produced some of the most iconic designs, revolutionising bathroom innovation. Now the duo has produced SensoWash, a completely new shower toilet seat design that redefines comfort and quality of life. The gentle cleansing and drying offer the highest levels of hygiene and comfort, while the automatic, electrically operated lid, illuminating bowl and a remote control are practical extras, which is probably why Duravit make the bold claim that users won’t ever want to do without it again – we can certainly see their point.

Illuminated Mirror – by Keuco

The signature piece in Keuco’s brand new Edition 400 range, the illuminated mirror, is German engineered to provide ‘intelligent lighting for any bathroom’.  On first appearance, you are drawn to its remarkably elegant slenderness and beautifully framed aluminium edge. However, not to be deceived by its beauty, this high quality piece of German engineering boosts intelligent technology that provides the perfect lighting for any time or any situation. From bright white daylight; ideal for everyday beauty care, all the way to a warm white; ideal for applying evening makeup or creating atmospheric bathing ambience, the Edition 400 light mirror is glare free and also available with mirror heaters, to prevent the mirror misting up in humid conditions.

The Digital Elite Range – by Crosswater

The future has arrived and it comes in the form of a silently filling bathtub. The Elite range offers complete five-star luxury and style from the deluxe filler that silently fills your tub from the base, to the digital controls which enable you to operate the shower, wash basin or bath, from anywhere in your home; controlling water flow, temperature and depth. The range also provides total digital control with an app for your smart phone and tablet – offering the ultimate ‘ready when you are’ bathroom experience. Total bliss for those days when you just want to come home and sink straight into a hot bath.