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Small Bathroom Remodel: How To Create The Most Spectacular Wet Room

When you’re planning your small bathroom remodel, why not consider a wet room? In a wet room, the whole space is waterproofed. Drainage is built into the floor, so you don’t need a shower tray. It is an ideal solution [...]

Bath Or Shower? The Exciting, Luxury Bathroom Design With Both!

Baths and showers; both have their great points. There is nothing better than a long, peaceful soak in the bath, apart from perhaps a vigorous, awakening shower. So if you only have room for one in your bathroom, what do [...]

How To Create A Beautiful Home With Some Luxury Shower Ideas

The feeling of knowing you own a beautiful home is refreshing. A luxurious property brimming full of opulence and extravagance. There’s nothing better.  But what if you already have a gorgeous home and simply want to take it to that [...]

3 Luxury Shower Room Designs And How To Easily Create Them

Redesigning your bathroom or switching from a bathtub to a larger shower is the perfect way to save space in a small bathroom, or create a feature shower in addition to your bath in a larger room. There are so [...]