Small Bathroom Remodel: How To Create The Most Spectacular Wet Room

When you’re planning your small bathroom remodel, why not consider a wet room? In a wet room, the whole space is waterproofed. Drainage is built into the floor, so you don’t need a shower tray. It is an ideal solution [...]

How To Renovate A Bathroom In A Few Easy Steps

Are you looking for some gorgeous bathroom renovation ideas? Remodelling your home can be a difficult task and choosing a new design for your bathroom is crucial. Whether you’re looking to transform your shower, bathtub or take on the challenge [...]

How To Find Perfect Victorian Hallway Tiles

Victorian tiles can truly transform a home, whether you’re looking for original style victorian floor tiles or victorian porch tiles, there’s plenty to choose from. They can really uplift your room and ensure that you’re left with a quality finish. [...]

The new buying trends in the tile and bathroom industry

As 2018 quickly approaches, we take a look at the growing trends in the bathroom industry buying market. It is a great time to be in this field as the market is quickly increasing with vibrant and creative designs in [...]