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The Best Luxury Shower Brands For Your Home

A beautiful shower can not only improve the look and feel of your bathroom, it can also help you to energise, focus or relax. An incredible shower experience will make you want to get up in the morning - and [...]

Function And Beauty: What Are The Best Luxury Bathroom Tiles Ideas?

When you’re designing a new bathroom, it’s easy to overlook the tiles that you use. In fact, a well chosen tile scheme can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. So, what are the best luxury bathroom tiles [...]

The Best Luxurious And Expensive Bath Taps For Your Home

When you are planning a bathroom design, one of the best things to pull your vision together is some beautiful and expensive bath taps - or, at least, some expensive-looking bath taps! Integrating quality and luxury into your design is [...]

How To Add Luxury Bathroom Items To Uplevel Your Home

Once you’ve got your bathroom designed and installed, you’re ready to look for those extra finishing touches that will make the world of difference in tieing your bathroom together. Have you thought about what luxury elements you can purchase and [...]

How To Create A Beautiful And Modern Bathroom In A Few Easy Steps

Creating a beautiful and modern bathroom is simple when you knowing exactly how to do it. But figuring out what goes where and how to tie it all in together is the difficult part. Maybe you know exactly what you [...]

The Best Fancy Bathroom Designs Ever Made

Searching for a gorgeous bathroom design that you can copy is a strenuous task and can take you a lot of time to even figure out what kind of look you want to go for. Maybe you need to get [...]

How To Choose The Best Luxury Bath With A Shower

Renovating your bathroom is an exciting time, but it can be super hectic when you’re trying to pick out the best fittings and fixtures. How are you going to be able to decide between a bath or a shower for [...]

The Best Luxury White Bathrooms You Can Easily Copy

White bathrooms are sophisticated, elegant and work perfectly in your home to gain that level of luxury you’ve been desperately longing for. With the added benefit of being easy to copy, white bathrooms are instantaneously stunning and can really uplevel [...]

5 Easy Ways To Create A Luxury Bathroom On A Budget

Admit it, you’re dreaming of revamping your bathroom. You long to leave behind the tired, worn-out testament to long-dead trends and outdated technology, and transform it into a contemporary, chic, technological marvel. You know it needs it, you know you [...]