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Different Bathroom Designs: How To Create The Room Of Your Dreams

We’re all unique, so it stands to reason that we won’t all like the same designs. If you want to truly stand out from the crowd, have a read through these different bathroom designs and bring some individuality to your [...]

The Best Luxurious And Expensive Bath Taps For Your Home

When you are planning a bathroom design, one of the best things to pull your vision together is some beautiful and expensive bath taps - or, at least, some expensive-looking bath taps! Integrating quality and luxury into your design is [...]

Bath Or Shower? The Exciting, Luxury Bathroom Design With Both!

Baths and showers; both have their great points. There is nothing better than a long, peaceful soak in the bath, apart from perhaps a vigorous, awakening shower. So if you only have room for one in your bathroom, what do [...]

How To Create A Little Bathroom Luxury For The Festive Season

We all know the festive season can be a busy period. With scattered wrapping paper from the kids opening their presents, endless hours spent cooking the Christmas dinner, and the sheer panic that sets in before the in-laws come over [...]