Just because your room is small, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful. Here are the best ideas for your small shower room…

Walk In Showers And Wet Rooms

Opening up your space with a walk-in shower or a wet room can make your small room seem bigger. Even a small bathroom can be made to feel much more luxurious by foregoing the bath and instead opting for a large, spacious shower. 

Both walk-in showers and wet rooms can make awkward spaces work better, and provide accessibility. While wet rooms tend to be more expensive, walk-in showers can provide a similar look without the need to waterproof the entire floor.

Consider A Statement Shower

Fitting a shower like the Dornbracht Aquamoon shower not only transforms your shower experience, but also creates a sanctuary-like room for your enjoyment. Statement showers can bring that feeling of luxury without needing a huge space. There are many other options that you could consider – a rainfall shower head, for example, or a shower tower with body-jets, shower head and hand shower.

You could also bring the latest technology to your small shower room with a digital shower. There are many available now which provide precise temperature control, pre-set modes and colour technology.

Clever Storage

In a small room, considering storage options is vital to ensure a clutter-free space. Your room won’t feel relaxing if it has toiletries and other essential items out on display.

There are several options available that can save space. For example, a vanity unit which combines a basin with storage helps to avoid wasted space under the sink and enhances your available storage. Using a mirrored, wall-mounted unit can also make your room feel bigger. You could choose one with a heated demister pad to stop it from steaming up.

Wall-Hung Options

Wall-hung toilets and sinks enhance the feeling of space in your bathroom, creating a smart and contemporary look. They use as little space as possible, and keep the floor clear (which makes them ideal for wet rooms too).

Designing Your Small Shower Room…

If you are planning your small shower room upgrade, Castle Tile & Bathroom Studio can help. We work with you from design, to sourcing, to fitting and finish with after care to ensure that your new shower room meets all of your requirements. Contact us to get started!