How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom


Small can still be mighty when it comes to bathrooms. Here’s our quick guide to making the most of your bathroom space.

Floating sinks and vanity units

Utilise the space under the vanity unit. Forgo the pedestal altogether and go for a wall mounted sink, or choose an open vanity with towel rail, or shelving where you can stash towels or products in wicker baskets.


Rounded Edges

When space is tight you don’t want to be bashing into corners. Try a rounded sink and vanity for a sleek and practical solution.

Clever Décor

Glass, mirrors, shiny tiles and light colours all create the illusion of more space, as does clever lighting and continuing patterns and colours from the floor to wall and shower cubicle.



Use the Walls

Alcove shelves, shelves above the toilet, hanging towel storage, hooks with decorative bags – look again at your walls and see what you can squeeze in. Maybe even think about wall mounted taps, which would make space for a more compact basin.


Style it Up

You don’t have to scrimp on the style in a small space – add lux accessories, a fabulous mirror, patterned wallpaper, pops of bright colours or vintage pieces.