Everyone wants a luxury bathroom, but not everyone has the budget to transform their whole room. Have you thought about simply revamping your bathroom fixtures such as your bathroom taps? This can make a massive difference to your home and make it more glamorous and chic.

But, if you want to rejuvenate and uplevel your bathroom, you’re going to need to create a solid design of how you want your bathroom to look, and most importantly what posh bathroom taps you want to incorporate.

Here are our top three posh bathroom taps that will make your bathroom more luxurious…

#1 Simple And Stunning…

This gorgeous Tubo faucet created by Victoria and Albert is essential in your home. Its simplistic design with a contemporary twist is a great way to uplift your bathroom.

With an initial tap with an added handle, it adds  a contemporary look to your bathroom and will reflect your personality through your matching style and designs.Matched with a freestanding vessel basin, it can make your bathroom look modern and very luxurious.

This tap even meets Water Sense EPA Criteria, meaning its a lot more water-efficient and uses 20% less water. So it can even benefit your water bills!

#2 Quirky And Quaint…

This particular design by Hansgrobe is the perfect element to be added to your bathroom to make it more luxurious. Founded in Germany by Hans Grohe, they’re one of the largest faucet suppliers in the world.

It’s freestyled tap is great to customise the temperature of the water and really show off a quirkier side to your bathroom.

Within the Bathroom Mixers range, there is the option to change between different posh taps and express your own interior design skills. This tap would look great with a monochrome styled bathroom, and can easily take your bathroom to the next level of luxury.

Why not thinking about getting some gorgeous furniture that matches the colour of the tap?  The Francessa 6 Drawer Chest would be great to add for extra storage, and as a main feature in the room.

#3 Traditional And Tasteful…

Our final posh bathroom tap uses a more traditional design to create a luxurious look to your bathroom. This almost old-fashioned taps allows your bathroom to remain classic whilst still making a strong statement.

You can really shop around for this design too which is great for your home if you’re looking for a particular style or look. You can purchase it in a Tre Mercati French, or in a Chrome colour.

There are so many options that you can use with these designs. Plus, if you don’t fancy mixing up your bathroom fixtures, why not revamp your fittings instead?

You can also match the colour scheme of your fixtures with your fittings. If you’re choosing a patterned wallpaper, with a golden colour scheme, why not opt for a Vintage Gold Soap Dispenser to match?

Sometimes it can be a struggle to choose the best colour schemes, with the best fittings and fixtures for a luxurious bathroom. The easiest way to design a gorgeous bathroom is to get help from the experts. Our friendly and professional team can help you to revamp your bathroom and make sure you’re getting some posh bathroom sinks for a luxurious home. Get in touch today to start your dream bathroom journey…