Bathrooms are one of the first rooms you go to renovate as they are often susceptible to some wear and tear damage. From a whole new revamp to a few tiny adjustments, regardless of what you’re doing, your bathroom deserves a little bit of luxury.

Often the best way to get a posh bathroom suite to really gain a luxurious year is to start from scratch and get your interior design hat on. Figuring out the best decor, accessories and fittings and fixtures that match your budget is a hard task, and we know you’re probably wondering how you do just that.

To help you out, here’s everything you need to know to create a posh bathroom suite for a luxurious year…

Get Your Thinking Hat On…

The very first thing you need to do is some research. Have a quick browse online into what designs and styles you like, as this will help you to narrow down your search and figure out how you want your bathroom to look like.

Maybe you’re more of a traditionalist and you want to opt for a more countrified look?

Or maybe you’re all for the contemporary and modern designs, and you’d love to incorporate marble into your bathroom?

Either way, researching into current on-trend designs in the market is important, and equally as important to help you to source your fittings and fixtures, for a truly luxurious and posh bathroom suite.

The Perfect Posh Bathroom Suite…

You’re going to need to know exactly what you want before you can even think about going to your local bathroom studio and sourcing your bathroom materials, let alone being ready to have those materials installed.

As soon as you’ve got your bathroom design down to a tee, you can then begin to find a local and reliable bathroom supplier and installer who can help your dream bathroom become real life. Creating a posh bathroom suite takes time and skill, so you need to find someone who has had a good chunk of time in the industry and are experienced enough to understand exactly what you want.

From the biggest parts of your bathroom like your shower or bath to even the smallest parts of the bathroom, like your towel rails. It all adds up and can make a massive difference if you find someone who is talented as it will guarantee that your bathroom will be exactly how you want it.

Remember the top tip, if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

Do your research into your local bathroom studios and their company, why not check their reviews? Or you can have a browse online in local groups and forums and ask others for their opinions on their experience with that company.

The Final Touches…

Creating a bathroom can be a stressful time, but here at Castle Tile and Bathroom Studio, we’re all about helping you to make it as stress-free as possible. We’ve been creating and redefining bathrooms for 40 years, and can help you turn your vision into reality, creating a truly posh bathroom suite and dream room for your home. Plus, we offer a free design service that can make sure that your bathroom is designed by experts and installed by the true professionals. Get in touch today to speak to our great team