An en-suite is a great way to make use of a small space and add value to your home. They are directly connected to your bedroom which allows you to benefit from a shorter distance to your bathroom and adds an extra facility that means you’re not stuck waiting around if someone’s in the master bathroom.

Not only can ensuites be a luxury feature for your home, but they can also be easily created on a limited budget and with very limited space. That being said, it’s not without its challenges, and unless you have a professional on board, you’re going to struggle. A professional bathroom designer will know exactly how to create the maximum functionality, style, and luxury possible for the space you have. They’re fully up-to-date on all the latest innovations and know where to source products and design.

If you quite liked the idea of putting your own personal spin on your new ensuite, don’t worry. A professional designer will also create an ensuite that’s personal to your tastes and needs, allowing your personality to shine through. You can relax and enjoy the process, confident you’re getting a perfect new ensuite.

Here are a few insights into how we go about creating the perfect luxury ensuite bathroom, and why they’re such a good investment…


Why Have An Ensuite?

There are many added benefits to having your own ensuite and so many benefits to make sure that it’s luxurious for you and your family.

One of the biggest benefits of an ensuite is that it adds value to your home. In a recent survey completed by Nationwide Building Society, they discovered that an ensuite can add 5% to your home’s value, which can potentially mean a £11,000 increase on average. This means that your home becomes worth more and as an investment, it can go a long way.

Another major benefit of a luxurious ensuite is the added practical element. Having the facility of an ensuite relieves stress in the home and your main bathroom can be shared by the family. Ultimately, allowing you privacy in your own personal bathroom and your children have the extra time to get ready in the morning in the main bathroom.


Quick Tip On Creating A Luxury Ensuite…

One tip in creating a luxury ensuite is to choose your style. There are many various options from country to marble, you are really spoilt for choice. Having a style that suits you perfectly, matched with a colour scheme and accessories can really tie your ensuite together. This will make it so much easier for a professional and your installer to understand what look you want to go for and will make the process run a lot smoother.

You may also need to decide what characteristics you want your bathroom to have, either modern or traditional. This may help you pull your ideas together and design your ensuite bathroom perfectly suited to you.


Can I Create A Luxury Ensuite Independently?

No matter what size bathroom you are creating, you will need always need help from an expert. Whether its gaining advice on what’s best for your bathroom along with a design service or sourcing your bathroom products from a showroom, it is important to find someone reliable.

Without an expert, you may find it difficult to work out what is best for your bathroom. Establishing what goes where, and how to fit in that gigantic bathroom cabinet, can be a stressful time. Although it can be alleviated by having a professional on board. They can help you organise your furniture, advise you on how best to work with your space and can even work on bathrooms as small as 150 to 130cm.

Not only will you need help with the design, if you’re starting from scratch you may need help with heating, plumbing, lighting and ventilation systems. This can be very expensive if you attempt to do it yourself without any knowledge or skills.


Gaining Advice From The Experts…

With the help of experts like ours, we can support you from the very first consultation to the finishing touches of your ensuite, minimalising any stress you may have. We also offer a free initial site survey too so that we can really get hands-on in creating your dream bathroom. Get in touch today to gain high-quality products and an even higher-quality service…