Your bathroom is one of the most-used and significant rooms within any home and is usually the first room to need a bit of a lift. We all like a long hot soak in the bath, but with years of cracked grout, soap stains, broken showers, and leaking sinks, isn’t it time you gave your old and tired bathroom a spruce up?

Here’s how to make your bathroom look like new…


Keep It Fresh And Simple…


The easiest and cheapest way to make your bathroom look like new again is to have a cleaning marathon. Getting in all those tight corners and concealed places to eliminate any dust and dirt will automatically take your bathroom from dingy and dated to fresh and new.

Make a conscious effort to take a day to spritz your bathroom properly. Start at the top of the room and work your way down to the bottom. You will need to purchase a few supplies if you don’t have them already.

The key areas that conceal major dirt and are likely to be in desperate need of a good clean are your bath or shower, your sink, and especially your toilet!

Get a toothbrush, cloth and a pair of rubber gloves and really delve deep into that dirt. We suggest bleaching your toilet and wiping down all surfaces like your sink, toilet seat, window sills etc. Then, using a bathroom cleaner, spray your bath or shower and leave the product to soak for around 15 minutes.

If you’re struggling to find cleaning products that get the job done effectively, pop into the showroom, we offer specialist tile cleaners and mould removers designed specifically for shifting stubborn bathroom stains.

Once everything is sparkling clean you can move on to sprucing up your bathroom decor.


Refine To Make Your Bathroom Divine


The next step to make your bathroom shiny and new is to refine your current decor and facilities. This includes repainting, regrouting and even rethinking what you want your bathroom to look like.

The majority of bathrooms will have chips and dints in furnishings and facilities, like surface and bathtubs. So the first step in refining your bathroom decor is to repair any flaws. You can buy bath repair kits that will easily remove any eyesores from your bathroom, just follow the instructions on the products you buy.

It’s also very likely your bathroom walls will need a fresh lick of paint, which is one of the simplest ways to refresh your decor. Bathrooms are prone to mould and other issues caused by damp. If you have broken seals around your bath or shower, or the room hasn’t been properly damp-proofed and ventilated, it’s likely you will have unsightly (and potentially dangerous) mould growing on your walls.

It’s tempting to simply paint over this, and in the short-term, it will make things look better. But it won’t actually remove the problem, so check the room for damp and mould, treat it, and address the root cause of the issue before redecorating.

Why not change that boring beige wall to a plush plum colour and get really creative as you explore the design of your bathroom?

Little changes like this can open up your bathroom and transform the whole feel of your bathroom.


A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words


Adding new decor like art, plants and accessories to your bathroom can truly create the perception that it is new. They distract people from any flaws in the room and provide little bursts of newborn freshness.

Hanging art is the best way to add a more modern look to your bathroom and can completely transform your space. Mirrors also work extremely well, extending the room as the reflection creates the illusion of a bigger space.

Even adding new accessories like a fresh shower curtain, new towel rail, or even different lotion dispensers can really tie your bathroom together and create a freshly polished feel. You’d be amazed what you can achieve with the right mirror, lighting, and a smattering of artfully arranged accessories!

Come on in and have a browse of our designer catalogues to find the perfect accessories to freshen up your bathroom, but remember, if you really want that ‘like new’ feel the only way to achieve it is to invest in an exciting, modern new design. Get in touch today and we’ll work on a shiny new bathroom design together….