A dilemma that I often get asked about by my customers is ‘My bathroom is only small. How can I make it appear more spacious?’

Here are my top tips on ways on how you can make your bathroom appear bigger.


Keep to a light tone and colour.

Dark colours can make a room look smaller than it really is. Often customers opt for light walls but choose a dark feature tile – usually in the shower area –this segments the room, again making it look and feel smaller. Try using smaller feature strips in the shower area or above the bath.

If you are looking for a contrast, why not opt for adding colour or texture from a piece of furniture such as a floating vanity or a freestanding bathtub. These then become focal points in your room, while everything else blends together as the backdrop.

Paint the ceiling the same colour as the wall tiles.

This is especially good if your ceiling is angled or has different levels. A unified colour will make those unusual shapes disappear and expand the room. As the ceiling always appears slightly darker than the walls, try going one shade lighter than your tiles.

Elongate the floor.

Using the same tiles for both the wall and the floor gives the feel that the floor goes on for infinity, as it makes it hard to tell where the floor ends and the wall starts. This effect is magnified by keeping furniture off the floor by using wall hung toilets, basins and vanity units and by using large clear glass panels for the shower. Avoid textured glass as it acts as a visual barrier within the room.

Lighting and mirrors.

If natural light is limited or there are dark corners, make sure they’re well illuminated – spotlights are ideal for this. LED lights are right on trend at the moment, often used in recesses, around the bath and under basins. Mirrors are also a useful technique to give the room a more spacious feel.


To many nick-nacks make a space feel smaller. Only put enough towels out that are needed and limited decorative accessories.