Proving that a spacious premium spa with luxury aesthetics, individual design and maximum functionality doesn’t need maximum space, architect Michael Sieger of Sieger Design has come up with a new concept that encompasses all of the above within a limited space of just 6 m².

The concept meets the highest standards in terms of comfort, functionality and enhanced quality of life with its numerous individual usage options. Based on carefully designed zone architecture, including a spacious wet zone  measuring approx. 3.5m2, the concept creates a spacious and harmonious ambiance where the two zones are only separated by a glass screen.

Spaciousness in two areas

The wet zone

Despite the limited space of just over 6m2, the room offers a generous and luxurious shower area with a range of usage options – for up to two people. The Dornbracht Vertical shower features several water outlets, which can be controlled either collectively or individually. The type of water jet, pressure and temperature of the water can all be individually adjusted, or you can simply leave it all to be choreographed automatically by pre-programmed settings. With the additional rain panel, water cascades down from across a large surface through the power of gravity alone.

In contrast to standard vertical showers, the concept also encompasses the Dornbracht Horizontal Shower, which is experienced whilst lying down. The water jets either fall as an invigorating massage with variable temperature or like a refreshing rain shower, either with waves of water jets or as a gentle spray. From the soles of the feet to the shoulders, all parts of the body are showered either in the same or in opposing directions via six horizontal outlets, or water bars, which are located above the heated body support area.

A bathtub and foot bath fit precisely into the spacious wet zone and they simply need to be covered when the Horizontal Shower is in use.

The Dornbracht Foot Spa with special water nozzles promises the ultimate relaxation. Studies show that showering the knees or other individual parts of the body in cold water improves blood flow and stimulates the metabolism and circulation, triggering positive effects throughout the entire body.

The dry zone

The clear separation into a dry and a wet zone makes it easier for more than one person to use the bathroom at once. Optionally, a double washbasin with plenty of space can be integrated and the sprinkler head can be positioned in the washbasin which can serve to rinse the hair without having a shower.  The washbasin design can be tailored to different requirements and stylistic preferences, with lots of options including freestanding, recessed, countertop or bowl basins. In combination with furniture elements, they create a lot of storage space in a compact area. The mirrors and glass surfaces convey a sense of openness and space.

A shower toilet with integrated bidet function is both comfortable and convenient with individual washing/temperature settings meeting hygiene and cleanliness requirements. In order to conceal the function and create a convenient seat/shelf, the toilet can be integrated into a practical bench, while toilet accessories can be stored in drawers or pull-outs.

Depending on how the room is used and how the elements are arranged, the toilet is positioned so that if the door opens it doesn’t touch the user but conceals them from view instead.

Products and solutions featured in the visualisations include the Unisono basin by Alape, the Tara brass wear series by Dornbracht, SensoWash and products from the Happy D.2 bathroom series by Duravit.

All products in the concept are fully networked throughout the bathroom using Dornbracht Smart Water. Smart Water enables settings to be comprehensively configured to create unique experiences either ahead of time or spontaneously via an app from wherever they happen to be.

The bathroom settings integrate diverse elements – water, light, fragrance and sound. If desired, digitalisation allows daily harmonisation to people’s needs, according to the weather, their schedule and their personal mood. The precision display switch controls outlets, scenarios and ambient factors such as fragrance, and minimalist dials that can either be used to adjust the water’s temperature or regulate the amount. When combined, these tools allow for preset or individual choreographies in the shower, in the footbath or at other points where water comes into play. The system is easy to use for a wide range of users – whether short or tall, young or old. And this was one of the defining aims of the interface.

Another factor that is important as well is the crucial role of lighting in a bathroom. For well-being, it takes a lighting concept that creates a pleasant atmosphere whilst delivering the brightness necessary for day-to-day activities, e.g. the application of make-up. LED technology opens up whole new possibilities. Integrated strip lights and spotlights create the perfect mood in accordance with the user’s personal preferences. They can be operated in line with the various scenarios or set to adjust themselves automatically.

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For further visualisations, please visit the official Sieger’s youtube: –small Size Premium Spa (SSPS®) – broadening horizons -Interview about Spa Premium Small Size (SSPS®)