White bathrooms are sophisticated, elegant and work perfectly in your home to gain that level of luxury you’ve been desperately longing for. With the added benefit of being easy to copy, white bathrooms are instantaneously stunning and can really uplevel your room.

But the problem is, there are so many designs out there, how do you choose the best one?

How is it physically possible to narrow down your search and find that one design that’s calling out for you?

For years people have swooned over white bathrooms, and it’s time for you to delve a bit further into the world of white bathrooms and get the perfect bathroom style for your home. If your bathroom is in need of a revamp, you’re going to need to know some top tips and styles to help you figure out what’s best for your bathroom, its space and one that you can easily copy. Here are the best luxury white bathrooms you can easily copy this year…

#1 Get Classy With The Blue Moon Tub…

Our first white bathroom design is all about the Blue Moon Tub by Duravit. Perfectly matched with a marble floor, this design uses contemporary elements that you can easily add into your bathroom. Using the Combi System L to provide a more intense massage experience to help relieve tension in your back and UV Hygiene Management, the Blue Moon Tub is a must have from your home.

This particular design uses a wooden overlay, giving it a real spa feeling and better support to sit on, outside of the bath. It is a gorgeous way to incorporate the colour white through your decorations and accessories too.

As seen in this design, a wooden bench and white towels have been added to coordinate with the wood and white design, making it a beautiful and almost countrified design.

Luxury White Bathrooms 1

#2 White And Wonderful…

This design has been beautifully created with darker wooden elements added in. The L shaped bath is a gorgeous main element to the room and is also very practical due to its dual use as a bath and shower.

This stunning design, again by Duravit, with the Seadream Bathtub is definitely a necessity in your bathroom. As a more suitable design for your family compared to the Blue Moon, it provides you with space within your room where it is needed.

Notice that this design uses marble for the walls and has white elements scattered around the room. It is another perfect luxurious white bathroom design that can really uplevel your bathroom.

Luxury White Bathrooms 2

#3 Design The Perfect Bathroom For You…

Our final design is a mockup of a gorgeous white bathroom. Something you may need to consider doing to get a real understanding of what your bathroom could look like.

This bathroom is gorgeous and can work really well to create a luxurious white bathroom, with the scooped bathtub and extra head support.

A top tip is to pick a style and find a colour scheme that matches perfectly together, along with accessories. Make sure you have small added accents of colours in other areas of the room too, to uplift the colour.

Luxury White Bathrooms 3

Luxury White Bathrooms, Designed By The Best…

Now you’re swooning over some of the most luxurious white bathrooms, you going to need to know how to design them. Here at Castle Tile and Bathroom Studio, we provide a free design service and site survey to help you understand the best fixtures and fittings for your home. Get in touch today to speak to our friendly and professional team to help you design and install your dream bathroom…