Redesigning your bathroom or switching from a bathtub to a larger shower is the perfect way to save space in a small bathroom, or create a feature shower in addition to your bath in a larger room. There are so many options when it comes to designing luxury shower rooms, as well as some easy methods of creating them. But what exactly do we mean by a ‘shower room’, and why are they such a good idea?


Shower Room Vs Bathroom…

Shower rooms are becoming increasingly popular, and are a desirable feature to have in your home. Compared to bathrooms they often feel more spacious and enjoyable to use, allowing you to create luxury in a space that would feel cramped if you tried to shoehorn a bath into it, but feels indulgent when you add a lavish shower.

Shower rooms are often more stylish and modern than bathrooms. This can be particularly effective in an older home, easily giving a tired and worn bathroom an opulent revamp.

The main advantage of a shower room is that they can be created from a small space, allowing you to add a second bathroom for your home, creating added value and convenience). Unlike a shower cubicle, you aren’t restricted to placing the shower in a corner of the room, and it can be used as the main feature in your bathroom.

It’s also worth noting that a shower room doesn’t have to be created instead of a bathroom. Not only can you add one in addition to your existing bathroom, you can also incorporate a shower room as a self-contained unit within larger bathrooms. This allows you to have the choice of a relaxing bath or a deluxe shower, rather than being restricted to showering over the bath, or in a small cubicle.

Be Creative And Fun…

One of the easiest ways to create a gorgeous shower room is to visualise what you want your shower room to look like, then find a way to make it happen. This is crucial because you can map out every aspect of the vision you have for your new shower room, then work through it step-by-step, with a clear understanding of what needs doing to create your dream shower room in the real world.

Using your bathroom space wisely allows you to create solutions that make your room more comfortable. You can also go all-out and create a luxurious shower room with all the bells and whistles – this is a great way to indulge yourself, change your home, and really give it the stamp of your own personal style.

Here are three luxury shower room designs and how to easily create them in your home…

#1 Mosaic Your Walls

One great way to create a luxury shower room is to take full advantage of the walls by creating a mosaic design.

When done in a colour scheme that suits the mood and effects you’re trying to create, mosaic tiles can really add beauty and luxury to your room.

Along with the benefit of tiles being easier to clean, a mosaic design can make your shower room more elegant and, when properly installed, will allow you to add that extra bit of character.

Glass mosaic tiles are extremely durable and will keep providing the same refreshing look, even after years of use. Mosaics are also resistant to cracking, so they are a good investment as you won’t have the constant upkeep of redecorating tired paint jobs.

Mosaic tiling can be difficult to effectively install yourself, especially if you’re going for an elaborate design, so it is best to get an expert in, both to create the perfect pattern and install it in your shower room.

#2 Add Lavish Marble

A really popular element of luxury bathroom design is marble. It’s classic but somehow still modern and chic. Incorporating marble into your shower design can be done in everything from your accessories to the walls and floor of your shower room, and is one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate your whole room and make a real impact.

Marble is always on-trend and is scratch resistant and durable, which makes it a great investment. It’s well worth the additional expense to include more opulent materials, because they won’t fade, succumb to damage, or need replacing. Like a quality mosaic, marble can last for years. As a heavy stone it can also hold a lot of weight, and doesn’t absorb water, making it ideal for bathrooms (particularly floors).

Adding extra details that have the same marble effect as your shower area – such as soap dispensers – creates a classic ambiance. This is one of the easiest ways to create a little luxury in your design.

Marble is another building material that needs to be properly installed and requires a lot of heavy labour, so it’s best to get advice from an expert, and have any major marble elements installed by a professional.

#3 Thinking Outside The Box

Adding luxury to your shower room doesn’t always mean changing the entire style of the room. Making good use of one small space in a room, to create a new area within your existing space, is one of the easiest ways to take your bathroom design to the next level. It adds both style and sophistication, and is especially useful if you are on a limited budget and a full bathroom revamp isn’t possible.

Shower rooms can be installed as self-contained areas within an existing room (depending on the design of what you already have). It may be possible to remove an existing shower cubicle or bath, and replace it with a stylish new shower room without having to do much (if any!) work on the rest of the room.

Adding the right lighting to your shower room can also soften your whole room, and is another great way to give your bathroom an easy lift while doing relatively little work.

Get Help From The Experts…

Designing your shower room can be difficult, and creating truly luxurious designs by yourself can be tricky. Without the background and experience of an expert there are a wealth of design tricks you will miss. It can also be time-consuming, stressful and costly to try and manage such a project on your own. We can make the process of designing and installing your new shower room as stress-free and relaxing as possible. We’ll help you create your vision for the perfect new shower and ensure it’s built and installed by professionals. Get in touch today to start designing the perfect shower room for your home…