The colour grey is no longer a passing trend, it’s becoming the vogue of the bathroom world and definitely the colour to invest in. With so many variations of grey to choose from, there’s plenty of options to make your bathroom more contemporary and give it that stylish pizzazz.

Whether you’re choosing a Warm Pewter, or a Chic Shadow colour for your wall or simply matched your room with some grey furniture; grey can take your bathroom to that next level of luxurious that you’ve been looking for. It helps create a more relaxing tone within your bathroom and it’s calming colour ties the room together without leaving the walls looking boring, bland and simply bad-looking.

If you’re loving the colour grey this year and are wondering how you can transform your bathroom, follow our simple guide on our luxury grey bathrooms and why they look so good…

Getting That Grey Glow…

You can easily incorporate the colour grey into your bathroom with a simple lick of paint. Not only will this create the perception that your bathroom is all new, but it can also be done on a smaller budget.

Grey paint is a gorgeous way to help you to redesign your bathroom and is the perfect way to help you push the boat out and go more bold with your furniture!

There are many businesses that provide affordable grey paints such as Dulux, Wilko, and B&Q, who all offer sample testers for a small charge. This is an easy way to test out which colour you want too, as you can swatch them on your wall and once you have decided you can choose the perfect match.

If you can spare a few hours to wash your wall with a new spritz of colour, then this is the easiest way to get a luxury grey bathroom that the whole family can love!

Use Grey To Your Advantage…

Grey is a cool and neutral colour that can provide sophistication within your home. It is practical and due to this, you can use it your advantage.

If you decide to paint your walls grey, then you may want to be a bit more extravagant and have a bit of colour pop within your bathroom. Grey really works well matched with warm colours such as red, orange and yellow.

Accessories are a simple way to create a luxurious bathroom as you can use the grey matched with the colour of your choice to really make a big, bold statement. Adding textured soap dispensers like this one or yellow bath towels and beautiful orange selves can be perfect additions to your home.

You can even swap it for bold coloured paint or wallpaper and match it with grey accessories if you’re feeling really loud with your re-design of your bathroom.

Get Grey And Glammed Up…

It isn’t difficult to transform your bathroom into a grey paradise, but it can be difficult to get the look you want all by yourself. Hiring an expert may be the best way forward to get you a one-way ticket to your grey haven. We are true experts in the trade with established fresh ideas and cutting edge principles, get in touch today