Fitted bathrooms are one of the many ways to get the best out of your bathroom, even if it’s small in size. As a design feature, fitted bathrooms are beneficial to both small and large rooms and can completely change the way your bathroom feels, creating a luxurious and modern look.

With a little careful planning, you can easily choose the perfect design for your bathroom, the space you have, and the needs of your family. Here’s everything you need to know about luxury fitted bathrooms and how to choose the perfect design for your home…


What Is A Fitted Bathroom?

A fitted bathroom involves the usual bathroom layout of a toilet, sink, bath or shower. The main difference, however, is that all these features are added in a certain way to create additional storage space and make the most of every inch of your room.

A high-quality, fitted bathroom perfectly blends practicality with luxury and coordinates your bathroom entirely.

For example, your toilet or sink can be incorporated into a cabinet to provide space for storage, or you could have a mirror that opens to reveal more storage space behind. Fitted bathrooms are an intelligent way to create the perception that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is, all while adding that extra hint of luxury.

Why Get A Luxury Fitted Bathroom?

There are many benefits to a fitted bathroom. As the process of choosing one begins this only becomes more evident, as you discover the myriad of amazing features they can offer. One of the benefits is that fitted elements really change the space in your bathroom and, as everything is seamlessly fitted into one space, allows you to create room for a bigger bath, a separate shower, or additional features you wouldn’t otherwise have within your home.

For example, that dead space beneath the stairs or in the eves of the house can easily be converted into a shower room with the aid of fitted units that make the most of the space.

Not only that, but your fitted bathroom can then make good use of storage, which you may not have been able to do before. Fitted units also leave you space to add extra items of decor that will make even the smallest room that little bit more luxurious.

Choose One That Gives You Additional Space…

A fitted bathroom can be really effective if you have a smaller bathroom. Choosing a space-saving fitted bathroom, instead of a freestanding bathroom, will allow you to really maximise the space in your bathroom.

When you are designing your bathroom, you will need to determine whether your space is big enough for a bathtub, shower or both. Measuring the size of your bathroom will make it easier to choose the perfect design. The majority of smaller bathrooms will have a shower bath, allowing you to have the best of both worlds, but if your bathroom is particularly small you may choose to go with a standing shower cubicle.

Your preferences are key when it comes to choosing the perfect design, so be sure to settle on your priorities and decide what you most want your bathroom to provide.

Select One That Makes Use Of Your Current Space…

Using internal wall space is another great benefit of installing a fitted bathroom. Having a cave-like alcove within your wall allows you to add luxury decor such as candles. It optimises a feature wall within your bathroom, attracting anyone using your bathroom to the best areas, and creating focal points that aren’t centred around aspects you’d prefer people to overlook (such as the toilet!).

Take Advantage Of Secret Storage…

Another way to enhance your design is to get to grips with the idea of secret storage, like mirror cabinets. These are the perfect accessory for your bathroom with the added functionality of providing extra storage.

Not only will secret storage allow you to hide away products and essentials that don’t really fit with the luxurious feel you’re trying to achieve, but the mirror will create the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is, by reflecting the light within the room.

Find The Perfect Units First…

Here’s a top design tip that will make life a lot easier for you. Choose the units you’re going to use first.

Adding fitted units with a glossy worktop will not only make your bathroom design more luxurious, but it will also make it easier for you to choose the rest of your design.

Once you have picked the surroundings of your bathroom you can work in other items and accessories to create a coherent look and feel. You’ll also know which fixtures it’s possible to include in the surrounds you have chosen, and have a clear idea of what space will be taken up by worktops and storage, and what remains for other items.

When choosing your units make sure you pick ones that can be used to hold your bath towels, particularly if you don’t have space for a towel rail.

Get Your Perfect Design…

A fitted bathroom can really allow you to expand on your ideas for your bathroom to create the perfect design. Ranging from internal wall space, to mirror cabinets, and fitted units, you can really create your dream style. The most important thing to consider when choosing designing the perfect room is to find the option that creates the most luxury for the space you have. If you don’t factor this in, your bathroom can easily become overcrowded and cramped.

At Castle Tiles we provide you with a free initial consultation and can even send a professional surveyor to measure everything up for you. Get in touch today and we can help you to start the process of designing your dream bathroom…