Contemporary bathrooms are all about using a modern style matched with minimal decorations. The main aim is to create big, free space, making your bathroom look more sleek and stylish.

But planning modern designs takes time. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a newly revamped bathroom if its design is flawed and mismatched.

It’s definitely time to get inspired with our luxury contemporary bathrooms for a perfect year…

Get Your Elements Right…

The very first thing to consider when you’re looking at investing in a contemporary bathroom is what fixtures and fittings you want to have in your bathroom. They are important elements in showing off your creative pizzazz and style of your bathroom.

Choosing the best bathroom fittings is vital to tie your bathroom together and guarantee that your fixtures will look just as good as your added furniture. You may need to think about what elements you want to make more modern than others, and what you may want to keep more traditional.

Do you want a freestanding bath or would you prefer a luxury shower?

Are you going to have wall-hung storage or standard storage using your vanity cupboards?

These are all important questions you’re going to have to ask yourself before you can even think about relaxing in the sheer bliss of your new contemporary bathroom.

What About A Colour Scheme?

Choosing your fixtures and fittings are only part of creating a contemporary and modern bathroom. Your next step is to choose your colour scheme.

Our favourite colours for a luxurious contemporary bathroom are black and white. A simple monochrome look is great for keeping your bathroom modern and on-trend. Even using a feature wall with a darker shade whilst keeping your furniture lighter, will open your space up and create the perception that your bathroom is bigger than it actually is.

If you’re going with a monochrome bathroom, grey accessories can be perfect to give a quick uplift to the darker elements of your bathroom. This gorgeous Copper Metal and Grey Fabric Stool would be great as a corner piece, and is also very practical, especially when you have little ones!

Light Up Your Bathroom…

Another thing to think about is your bathroom lighting. LED lighting is great to spotlight certain areas of the room whilst still providing you with a contemporary aspect.

Manipulating your lighting can make your bathroom even more luxurious, you just need to be clever with it.

Why not think about using mirror lights coloured lighting or funky shaped ceiling lights as they can really help to develop your bathroom’s style. We love the Georgina Ceiling Light LED Chrome and Frosted Bubble Mini Fairy Lights. These particular lights would be great editions to add a little bit of sparkle and quirkiness to your bathroom, whether your bathroom is little or large.

Contemporary Bathrooms At Their Finest…

Once you know what you want your bathroom to look like, and you’ve taken the time to think about it, then you can move onto actually creating it. Hiring an expert is the best way to get a luxurious bathroom without the hassle of doing it all yourself. We can handle everything from start to finish and can provide you with a free design service! Get in touch today