Top 3 Luxury Bathtub Brands To Enjoy The Perfect Soak

Having a long soak in the bath is the perfect way to relax after a stressful week at work. Chilling out with a glass of wine and burning a beautifully scented candle is one of the best ways to achieve tranquillity in both home and mind.

Owning a luxury bathtub can really add to the quality of that soak.

It is comforting to know you’re living in a plush and lavish environment. Adding a designer element is also an easy way to transform your bathroom, not only making it more luxurious but also acting as a really worthwhile investment in the value of your house, and the quality of that perfect soak you look forward to at the end of the week.

Here are the top three luxury bathtub brands to take your bath time up to a whole new level of decadent indulgence…


#1 Victoria And Albert…

Victoria and Albert are a British bathroom designer created in 1996. Their products (manufactured in South Africa) include various ranges of bathroom furniture, baths, and accessories – there’s plenty to choose from.

Their freestanding baths are utterly lush, allowing you to make a real statement with your bathroom. You’re not only getting luxury with Victoria and Albert baths, you’re also getting the highest quality, and they’re willing to stand behind that, offering a  twenty-five year guarantee.

Providing both modern and traditional designs, Victoria and Albert offer luxury bathtubs that allows you to get really creative with your bathroom designs.

Here are some of our favourite bathtubs from their range:

  • The Hampshire – this claw-footed bathtub adds an Edwardian look to your bathroom, for a truly luxurious impression the second you enter the room.
  • The Amalfi – a bathtub truly designed for those looking for a little luxury, this is a really contemporary ub with a chic, modern design. It provides a sleek finish to your bathroom for maximum relaxation.
  • The Pescadero – a timeless classic, inspired by the sea, this luxury bathtub provides the best soak for you and your family. Its quirky design provides a statement bath with smart, sculpted details.

#2 Duravit…

Duravit is another luxurious and highly valued bathroom supplier, celebrating over two hundred years of quality bathroom designs. Their focus is on quality, design, and innovative bathroom technology, making them the perfect choice for creating a truly luxurious bathroom.

One of our favourite Duravit bathtubs (which comes with a stunning furniture panel) is the Duravit Seadream Bathtub. It’s L shape is perfect for families that want the feel of luxury but still need the practicality of a bathtub and a shower. Its spacious, making it perfect for a long soak, bathing multiple kids, or hosing down the dog, yet the compact design will allow it to fit in a smaller room through its flawless design.

If you really want to go all out, you can add extra features like the Duravit Mirror Wall System, which adds that extra sparkle of luxury. This mirror system works perfectly for smaller bathrooms, as it expands the space you already have, while larger rooms will benefit from the added touch of glamour. There are also plenty of LED light options, giving you scope to allow your personality to shine through as you create the perfect lighting for your family.

#3 Imperial…

Our final pick for top bathtub brands is Imperial, based in Aldridge, England. Imperial create beautiful bathrooms made from natural materials such as clay and wood, creating highly unusual and completely luxurious elements.

The bathtubs that we most admire in this collection are their cast iron baths, our favourites being the Baglioni Cast Iron Bath and King Charles Bath.

The Baglioni bath provides an urban look for a luxurious bathroom with an edge. It allows you to be more original in their aesthetic, while the King Charles bath provides a superior element to your bathroom, making a big statement.

If you’re looking for a luxury bathtub of your very own, why not come and visit our showroom, or have a browse at our catalogues. As experts in bathroom design and innovation we’re here to answer any queries you may have, and help you create the bathroom of your dreams, for the ultimate soak! Best of all, we’re supplied by all three of our top luxury bathtub brands, and have the expertise and experience to design you the perfect bathroom. Get in touch today…