There is so much that you can do with your bathroom to truly transform it, including adding some luxurious bathroom vanity units. There are various designs that will match perfectly to the style of your room and ensure that it is tied all together nicely. But with so many patterns and options to choose from, how do you determine which one is the best for your home?

From freestanding to double basin vanity units, here’s some luxury bathroom vanity units and all the tips on how you can find the best in the UK…

Free Standing Vanity Units For Your Bathroom…

One of the most popular bathroom vanity units uses a free-standing design, adapted by the likes of Crosswater. Their Infinity 900 Bundle is a stunning vanity unit that is truly luxurious for your bathroom. 

With three main types of finish to choose from, there’s a style that will fit beautifully in your home. Our favourite finish in the Infinity range is Windsor Oak which showcases a stunning solid wood vanity unit, tied in entirely with their Infinity Illuminated Mirror. 

An amazing benefit is that Crosswater offers a 15-year guarantee on their vanity units providing you with extra security for over a decade. They also offer a 5-year guarantee on their accessories including their LED lighted mirror, so you can purchase both with plenty of security in case anything breaks. 

Add In A Double Basin Vanity Unit…

Another popular design includes double basin vanity units. They are space-saving, offer a modern and contemporary design and often have an impeccable finish. 

The Waldorf Collection uses a luxury Art Deco style to make sure your bathroom is truly memorable and ensures that you can make a real statement in your home. Expertly designed in Europe, the Waldorf 1500mm double unit is a beautiful element that can help transform your room. This double basin vanity unit looks stunning with a monochrome colour scheme and the Lissett Radiator by Bisque. The perfect way to tie your entire bathroom design together. 

Matching Accessories To Your Vanity Units…

As much as your fixtures and fittings can make a massive difference in your bathroom, having accessories can take it to that next level of luxury. It gives you the option to be as quirky or adventurous as you like with your style and ensures you can choose accessories parallel to your personality. 

One of our favourites includes the Waterford vase by Harrods, which is a sensational way to showcase a lovely bunch of flowers and reflect the open light in your room. 

How To Find A Luxurious Bathroom Vanity Unit In The UK?

Simply having a browse at some of the best high-end designers that have various bathroom collections can help you to find a luxurious bathroom unit. Some of the most modern designers include:

All these designers have online products to look at and get a real feel for what they may look like in your home. Plus, there’s always an option to find a local showroom that showcases these brands, for example like us! We’re dedicated to displaying the most desired brands within our iconic bathroom settings including the likes of those listed above. Our expert team can help design and install your dream bathroom, along with helping you find the most luxurious vanity units. Simply get in touch today