Admit it, you’re dreaming of revamping your bathroom. You long to leave behind the tired, worn-out testament to long-dead trends and outdated technology, and transform it into a contemporary, chic, technological marvel. You know it needs it, you know you want it, but the bother is the cost…

The thought of shelling out for an entirely new bathroom is a daunting prospect. Perhaps it’s not the right time, you need to save, or you have other priorities just now…yet you still want your luxury bathroom, and you don’t want to wait…

It’s a bit of a predicament.

It can be extremely difficult to restyle your bathroom for just the right, affordable price. While you’re saving up for the big bathroom overhaul, there are plenty of options to give your existing bathroom a mini-makeover.

Here are five easy ways to create the ‘champagne’ bathroom of your dreams on a ‘lemonade’ budget…


Make The Most Of Your Tiles

If you’re planning on tiling your bathroom floor, making use of your tiles is a clever way to not only make your bathroom look luxurious, but also make it look bigger. One really interesting way to create a luxury feel on a budget is to create a ’tile rug’.

A tile rug has a big impact on a bathroom. It’s an eye-catching feature and can help bring the bathroom together. You can create your own design by laying out the design on your floor to create the illusion of a real rug, made from either patterned tiles, or simply tiles of a different colour.

It’s a feature not many people use and is the perfect addition to a DIY bathroom makeover that could take your bathroom to a new level of luxury (whatever your budget).

Just be aware that this type of DIY work can be very time consuming, and requires you to be brave enough to grout your own tiles! If you’re at all uncertain, you could end up creating a lot of mess, and wasting a lot of materials and effort.


Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

One important factor (and probably the easiest way) of making your bathroom look luxurious on a budget is to upgrade your bathroom accessories. This is a simple but extremely effective way of changing your bathroom to create an air of luxury, while lending the room a refreshed, more modern look. It will also create the impression that the whole bathroom has a more crisp, refined, renovated appearance.

This is a quick fix that can tidy things up a bit with minimal expense and effort. We have a range of bathroom accessories on display in the showroom, and plenty of catalogues to browse for inspiration, pop in any time and take a look.



Another easy way to rejuvenate your old bathroom is to remove decorations that are looking a little tired and replace them with chic new items.

Are your pictures and their frames in need of an update?

Do you still have an ancient radio in the shape of a fish hanging in the shower?

Is your vanity cluttered with half-empty bottles of shampoo, and products you’re never going to use again?

Are your towels threadbare and bleached from too much time hanging on the line?

Decluttering any out-of-date products and damaged decor will go a long way. While you’re replacing worn out fixtures, invest some of your budget in a few relatively low-cost items that can really bring a bathroom to life.

Matching bath towels, scented candles and some unusual artwork will very quickly create a polished look.

Pro Tip

If you’re adding candles, try grouping them together and use them as a display in a corner of your bathtub or vanity. This creates a centrepiece that will be accentuated by their delicious scent (always a bonus in a bathroom!), brightening up your bathroom and giving it a fresher feel.

Adding these finishing touches is a cost-effective way of making your bathroom look even more luxurious on a budget.


Revamping Your Tired Furniture

Another great way to create a luxury bathroom on a budget is to upgrade staple pieces of furniture to something stylish and new, or give existing items a bit of TLC.

This is easily done by replacing a worn out surfaces with new worktops, which are readily available in a range of styles, including solid surfaces, and laminate effects. Match the existing style of your counter, or choose something different to give things a fresh look. If you’ve been tiling elsewhere, you might also consider tiling your counter tops for a relatively quick refresh.

Alternatively, a self-contained console can provide a quirky and original look at minimal expense. This is a particularly useful design hack if you’re saving up for a big new bathroom, and don’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture you have no intention of using for long…


The Finishing Touch

For the final touch to your lush new bathroom, it’s important to consider the extra details like lighting and mirrors. Manipulating light and reflection are incredibly valuable in bathroom design, particularly if you’re looking to transform a small space.


Luxury At Its Best

While it’s entirely possible to create a luxury bathroom feel on a budget using these simple design hacks, if you’re hoping for a truly luxurious finish, and the peace of mind that comes with having the whole project managed by a pro, Castle Tile and Bathroom Studio are here to provide you with fresh ideas, innovative bathroom technology.

Our individual designs focus on you, and elevate your bathroom to that extra level of luxury.

And if you aren’t feeling confident in your ability to transform your bathroom alone, Castle Tile and Bathroom Studio can help. Get in touch or pop into our Northwich showroom. We can save you the stress and irritation of stop-gap measures and frustrating DIY projects, and start the process of designing your dream bathroom…