With property prices and the cost of moving home going up all of the time, many of us are choosing to increase the size of our current houses to fit growing families. Whilst single story kitchen extensions are the most common type of extension, loft conversions are becoming ever more popular as a cost effective way of gaining extra space. Here are the best luxury loft conversion bathroom ideas for making the most of your home.

What To Consider…

First of all, it is important to think about costs, design and decoration ideas. Loft conversions can be unique in shape and provide a particular set of hurdles – for example, in terms of tight spaces, drainage and ventilation. However, all of these can be overcome with clever design to create a gorgeous, relaxing space.

The Best Luxury Loft Conversion Bathroom Ideas

Whether you are planning an en suite or a family bathroom in your loft, there are plenty of ideas that you can consider.

Small En Suite Bathrooms

Bathrooms in a loft can tend to be on the small side, perhaps with awkward sloping ceilings. But that doesn’t mean that your bathroom can’t be beautiful. If you are converting your loft into a luxurious master bedroom, an en suite can add desirability and value to your home (as well as making it a wonderful place to live!)

Make your en suite workable by ensuring that you don’t overfurnish it – too much furniture willmake it feel cluttered and small. You could also consider a walk in en suite which does away with a wall – this can give you much more space.

Shower Rooms

If space in your loft conversion is at a premium, consider a shower room. If you already have a bath elsewhere in the house, a shower room can be a great space saving option. Doing away with a bath can mean you can fit in a larger shower – which can feel very decadent! Why not consider a rainfall shower head and light, bright tiling for a relaxing experience.

 Bath Only

Depending on the windows you are planning in your loft conversion, going for a bath only can be a great idea. Perhaps you have amazing Velux windows planned which will give a beautiful view of the starry night sky? A roll top bath under these windows would be wonderful. Or, maybe you have vertical windows which provide the best view from your house over fields or mountains? Again, a carefully positioned bath can work extremely well here.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms can be a fantastic way of doing a lot with a little space. You can work around awkward spaces much more easily, and you may be able squeeze more into a smaller space. Just be careful to ensure that your tiling is well thought out.

If You Need Help With Loft Conversion Bathroom Ideas…

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