Bathrooms are a true delight to create. From figuring out what fixtures and fittings to add, to your colour scheme and design, and finally those extra elements to create that stunning finish to your beautiful room. But what about your bathroom furniture?

Bathroom furniture can help tie your room altogether and give it that luxurious look that you’ve been longing for. Sometimes it can be really difficult to figure out what you need and what you don’t need. 

What if you have too many products and accessories and not enough storage space?

Bathroom furniture can help you solve your storage woes and make your bathroom instantly look and feel glamorous. Check out how you can transform your bathroom and discover the best high-end bathroom furniture ever made…

High End Bathroom Storage…

You can easily add high end bathroom furniture into your home by looking into the best styles available. No matter what kind of design you like, you’ll be able to find some unique, high quality bathroom vanities that suit your room perfectly. 

One of the best things to do is look at the most recent trends.  

What is the most popular design this month?

What designs and styles do famous celebrities have in their homes?

Is it something you can easily copy for your bathroom?

There are so many options that you can choose from to really find some high end bathroom furniture. That doesn’t have to be vanities either, it can also include beautiful chairs and other types of storage units. 

The Latest Trend…

One of the biggest trends at the moment is luxury and designer bathroom vanities. Whether you’re incorporating a luxury makeup vanity or you simply want one for decorative purposes, there’s plenty to choose from. 

Currently this month, James Martin Vanities are very popular and look sensational in your bathroom. One of our favourites is the Brittany 48” Bathroom Vanity which would match perfectly with the Lissett Radiator by Bisque

We also love the Roseberry Furniture Collection by Utopia Bathrooms. It is a gorgeous, high end bathroom storage unit providing you with plenty of space and practicality. There are various paint colours, including a stunning Peacock Blue to London Grey and Cotton White. 

Luxury Bathroom Vanities Ideas

There is so much you can do with your bathroom furniture still ensuring that it is luxurious and high end. You want to make sure that it looks perfect, ready for when you take a step back from the busy world and relax. 

You can easily get inspired by having a look at some of our gorgeous ideas and designs on our portfolio page or Pinterest account. You can even save your own pins and create a gorgeous mood board full of all your favourites. 

Installing High End Bathroom Furniture…

Find the best furniture is one thing. But having it installed is another. If you’re spending a good chunk of money on some amazing furniture, you want to ensure that it is installed perfectly and fits snug in your room. We’re experts in all things bathrooms and we even offer a free design service to help you envision your dream room. Get in touch today