When it comes to creating a masterpiece in your bathroom, inspiration and insight are exactly what you need. Feeling encouraged by beautiful bathrooms can really get you into the spirit of creating your own, and getting to grips with the type of style and design you want.

If you’ve been longing for a new bathroom and are waiting for that lavish room to impress your guests, check out all of our gorgeous and great bathrooms that you need to see…

Get Creative With Your Art…

One way you can have a great bathroom for your home is to get creative with your art. This gorgeous bathroom uses funky wall art to accentuate the room’s features and really help style your bathroom out.

There are various abstract wall art designs that you can purchase for your own home including the Skyline Wall Decor, 2 Piece Trigg Wall Decor Set or Metal Wall Decor. These will all add an artistic look to your bathroom and will really show off your interior design skills.

Having a strong colour scheme throughout can also really help make your bathroom more luxurious and give you the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.

This particular bathroom uses the main colours of black, brown and cream to really tie the bathroom together. Matching your design with a perfect colour scheme will easily create you a great and gorgeous bathroom. Whether that’s a grey, marble or country bathroom, there are plenty of options suitable for you.

Simplistic At Its Best…

Sometimes being minimalistic can easily make your bathroom more luxurious. A great bathroom is all about creating an outstanding design and using that to uplift the overall look of the room.

This gorgeous bathroom uses natural elements paired with the clean white colour to contrast each other. This works well together to make the bursts of green from the plants stand out and add depth to your bathroom.

Why not switch it up and go for wooden furniture rather than white? Both dark and light oak wood works great within small and large sized bathrooms. Check out this Madewell Wall Mounted Cabinet in a caramel brown. It’s perfect to add a subtle hint of brown in your bathroom whilst providing you with the extra storage you may need.

Marble Is The Way Forward…

One gorgeous bathroom you need to see is this one using a marble design. Matched with a large bath and simple decorations such as flowers and a small side table, this design can easily be created and perfectly transform your bathroom.

Keeping your bathroom clean and crisp makes it feel more spacious and relaxing.

The Pescadero Freestanding Bath by Victoria and Albert, matched with this Parlour Palm Chamaedorea Elegans is the perfect way to get a modern bathroom with a graceful twist.

Get Smart And Come To The Experts…

If you’re looking to create a gorgeous and great bathroom for your home, but you’re not sure where to start. Come to the experts. Here at Castle Tile and Bathroom Studio, we can help guide you through the process from start to finish, and provide an expert design and installation service. Get in touch today