This is our essential guide to installing a wet room, whether you want to find out if it would be suitable for you, the advantages and disadvantages; along with some expert design tips.

Wet rooms are an excellent way of adding value to your property, and they’re becoming increasingly popular. But designing a wet room comes with it’s challenges… Any one can have a wet room in theory, it is basically a shower room, without the tray. Depending on how small your bathroom is, you may have to keep a shower screen to catch excess water from soaking the rest of your bathroom.

There are a few things to consider:

Draining the water

A professional must create a gradient along the floor in order to direct the water flow to a drain; along with this, the whole room needs to be ‘tanked’ (waterproofed).

Another option is to install a ready made sloping shower former, which is a little bit like a large shower tray; which is tiled over. There are a few ways in which this can be achieved, one of our professionals will recommend the best option.


This involves priming the floor of the wet room, the lower half of the walls and the walls around the shower, this is then tiled over to with your preferred tiles. The door threshold may also need to be raised to contain any excess water that may be caused by a blocked drain.

The advantages:

  • A wet room is very stylish and creates a contemporary look
  • It can increase the value of your property
  • It is great for smaller bathrooms, by removing the bath, creating lots of space
  • Easier to clean, especially if you go for a wall hung toilet & sink
  • Your floor will be better protected than if in a standard bathroom


  • In small bathrooms, towels and loo roll can get wet due to the spray (install a shower screen to prevent this)
  • You will need to have this work carried out by a professional
  • Wet rooms should be tiled from floor to ceiling, this could be costly
  • Swapping a main bathroom for a wet room could result in your home being hard to sell (opt for renovating and ensuite or second bathroom)

Underfloor heating

We recommend installing under floor heating as it keeps the tiles warm (you’ll appreciate this in winter!) and it aids in the drying of water on the floor.

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