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Small Bathroom Remodel: How To Create The Most Spectacular Wet Room

When you’re planning your small bathroom remodel, why not consider a wet room? In a wet room, the whole space is waterproofed. Drainage is built into the floor, so you don’t need a shower tray. It is an ideal solution [...]

Function And Beauty: What Are The Best Luxury Bathroom Tiles Ideas?

When you’re designing a new bathroom, it’s easy to overlook the tiles that you use. In fact, a well chosen tile scheme can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. So, what are the best luxury bathroom tiles [...]

Bath Or Shower? The Exciting, Luxury Bathroom Design With Both!

Baths and showers; both have their great points. There is nothing better than a long, peaceful soak in the bath, apart from perhaps a vigorous, awakening shower. So if you only have room for one in your bathroom, what do [...]

How To Find Luxury Bathroom Furniture Cabinets

Bathrooms come in all shapes, sizes, and styles with so many options to add your favourite designs, fittings, and fixtures. One of the most important aspects in any bathroom is always the amount of storage space and luxurious bathroom furniture [...]

Luxury Bathroom Vanity Units: How To Find The Best In The UK

There is so much that you can do with your bathroom to truly transform it, including adding some luxurious bathroom vanity units. There are various designs that will match perfectly to the style of your room and ensure that it [...]

3 Of The Best Luxury Bathroom Shower Designs Ever Made

For many, bathrooms are a place to relax that offer you time and space to reflect. This kind of tranquillity is often associated with large and luxurious baths, and because of this showers are completely forgotten about. However, there are [...]

How To Recreate A Luxury Spa Bathroom

We all know the feeling. That one bathroom that you’ve always dreamt of having. That luxurious glow and sensational spa feeling as soon as you walk in the room. Then it suddenly hits you, you can't afford it, you don’t [...]

The Best Washroom Design Ideas For Your Business

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that it isn’t just your own bathroom that can be luxurious and modern, washrooms can be too. Washrooms provide you with both washing and toilet facilities and are often thoroughly designed right down to the [...]

How To Design A Luxury Marble Bathroom

Marble bathrooms have been around for years, and still continue to be the classic choice for many. It’s been used for major architecture around the world, including the Taj Mahal, Marble Hill House and Wat Benchamabophit.  It is so versatile [...]

How To Find The Best Luxury Bathroom Units

Revamping your bathroom is an exciting task, from choosing wallpaper and accessories to picking out your fixtures and fittings. It’s a thrilling time! But if you’re looking for a bathroom that is truly luxurious, you’re going to need to find [...]