If you’re looking for the inside scoop about the best new bathroom trends, you’re in the right place! Here, we’ve rounded up the hottest designs, and you’ll be able to find something you love, whatever your personal style is.

1. Black Accents

The colour of the year is the dramatic, bold black. Used to pick out details and bring an eye-catching note to light fixtures, mirrors and radiators, black can bring a modern, different look to your space. It looks great in both matte and gloss finishes, and pairs well with numerous other colours.

2. Smart Tech

Forget boring showers, baths and taps – now is the time to bring some technology into your bathroom to create an enviable oasis. From taps which use lights to show heat, to pre-set options for water pressure, lights and temperature, showers have moved on a lot in recent years. Among the best are Dornbracht.

3. Gold

Copper is beginning to become old news, and gold fixtures are back and better than ever! Gold can bring warmth, depth and dimension to any room. Pipes and radiators in particular bring interest and luxury when coloured gold.

4. Intricate Tile Design

Tiles are more than just something to make your bathroom waterproof, and this year’s trends are giving them the love they deserve. Look for hexagonal, arabesque or diamond tiles, play with patterns and textures and don’t just go for all one colour. Head to our Facebook page for some ideas! Think of the tiles as the art – not just the background.

5. Pops Of Colour

This year, the best bathroom trends scream individuality. We’re talking bright pops of colour – an aqua bath, a dusty pink wall, emerald tiles on the floor. The grey tones of past years are fading out, and colourful accents are a great way of adding a unique touch to your bathroom.

6. Big Bathtubs And Showers

There can be no bigger luxury than that of lounging in an oversized, clawfoot bathtub, and this year they are bang on trend. Use the space you have wisely to bring all of the opulence you deserve in your bathroom.

7. Extraordinary Mirrors

Mirrors now have a myriad of uses – from storage, to USB chargers, to beautiful statement pieces. They’re not just for looking in, and you can really change your space just by adding a fabulous mirror. Why not try an anti-fog mirror? One with smart touch capabilities? Or perhaps an asymmetrical one for that added wow factor?

Where To Find The Newest Bathroom Trends

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