One of the most popular designs for a perfect bathroom is marble. Its versatile properties allow marble to be used in bathrooms, kitchens, and all around your home. In fact, it’s been used to create stunning designs in architecture, furniture and decor for thousands of years, but never fails to rise to the challenge of creating a luxurious bathroom.

We think it’s about time that you indulge yourself in the wonderful world of bathroom marble, but it’s a little more complicated than you might think!

Here’s how to choose the perfect bathroom marble design…

What Is Marble?

Marble is a commonly used metamorphic rock, that is famously known for its beauty and the distinct pattern of swirls shot through otherwise pure and smooth stone. Marble holds many useful properties that allow it to be used in various projects, from bathroom tiles and accessories to the architecture of buildings such as the famous Marble Arch in London.

What Are The Advantages Of Marble In Bathrooms?

Every piece of marble is different, which allows you to vary the look of your bathroom and choose how you want it to be designed. The advantage to marble is that design crafted from it can be either uniform or relaxed. Marble varies in terms of its veining and colouring, which means you have the choice between veining that is more waved and veining that is softer and straighter.

Using marble also means you have the opportunity to choose whether you want to make a statement or not. Having bold colouring in a large block of marble is a great way to make a statement in your bathroom and show of the design.

Where Do I Get My Marble?

There are so many options when it comes to buying marble. Northern Italy has some of the best marble in the world, particularly in the Apuan Alps. It’s even rumoured that the Kardashians had furniture made from Italian marble at Kim and Kayne’s wedding!

While obtaining marble isn’t difficult, it is extremely heavy and very expensive to gain high-quality marble. The higher quality source, the more you should expect to pay, and the more difficult it is likely to be to ship your marble where you need it to be.

What’s The Catch?

Marble’s biggest downfall is the price. For sustainable and durable high-quality marble you will need to have a good chunk of money saved up.

Not only is the price tag off-putting, but when designing a bathroom (particularly one that is on a first story or higher, you also have to be careful how much weight you have on a floor. Using marble in an upstairs bathroom can be a difficult design to invest in, partly due to the weight issue, and partly due to the difficulty of transporting such heavy materials upstairs.

It is also difficult to keep up maintenance on marble as well. It requires yearly sealant and regular scrubs to make sure that there are no unsightly stains or scratches! However, there is a solution for those who want a marble design without all the unfortunate downsides: choosing to design your bathroom with marble effect stones, rather than solid marble.

What Design Is Best For My Bathroom?

The easiest way to have a perfect bathroom with a marble design is to add marble tiling. Even on a limited budget, you can make a truly luxurious bathroom by simply having marble tiles. Matched with a handful of marble effect decorations or accessories, you can get that perfect feel straight away. You can also have marble effect counters for your bathroom furniture to really complete the look!

How To Choose The Best Marble Design…

If you choose to invest in a higher quality bathroom installation and design that include marble effect tiles, furniture, fixtures or accessories it is best to come to the experts. We can provide a design and installation service, with the added benefit of you not having the marble weight worries or the high cost that comes with having super-posh stone shipped from Italy! Get in touch today for a consultation with professionals…