Baths and showers; both have their great points. There is nothing better than a long, peaceful soak in the bath, apart from perhaps a vigorous, awakening shower. So if you only have room for one in your bathroom, what do you choose? Luckily, there is a product which will give you a luxury bathroom design without having to compromise.

Bath or shower? …Both!

When you think of a bath and shower combined, do you think of incredible, luxury bathroom design, or do you think of poor quality and, perhaps, a cramped bathroom? Well it’s time to get rid of this stereotype. The Shower + Bath from Duravit combines both, with a beautiful modern design and the optimum use of space. 

Shower + Bath Duravit

Luxury bathroom design

The precise lines and exact edges create a perfect rectangular shape, providing a modern and eye-catching silhouette. This beautiful design will suit a wide range of colour schemes and bathroom arrangements.


A key design feature of the Shower + Bath is the sleek walk-in shower. The glass door allows comfortable, easy access and the spacious bathtub offers plenty of room to move around, for a serene shower experience. 


The glass door is lockable, and transforms the shower into a relaxing bathtub. The clever design of the safety glass door means that it cannot be opened when the drain is closed, so no accidents! The bath is a standard size, so it will fit in most bathroom spaces without issue. 

Waterproof seating pad

A key feature of the Shower + Bath is waterproof seating pad. This has multiple uses:

  • It can be used as a storage area for shower essentials (such as towels or products).
  • It can be moved to the centre of the bath as a shelf for your bathing essentials (drinks or a book etc.)
  • It can be used as a seat during showers.
  • It can be transformed into a comfortable backrest and individually positioned to give you the support you need when bathing.

As an additional, optional design feature, the shower screen can be mirrored – and can be used as a whole-body mirror. Perfect for space saving in small bathrooms, and making small rooms appear larger!

Design and fitting

This gorgeous product can look amazing in all sorts of rooms. Here at Castle Tile & Bathroom Studio, we deal with all areas of design, consultation and installation. You can contact us to see how we can help you to make your dream bathroom featuring the Duravit Shower + Bath a reality!