With Spring, comes the opportunity to rejuvenate your home! We have the best five tips to help…

Clean & Clear Out

Every spring clean starts with a clear out, there will definitely be a few unused and out of date products hidden away in the back of the cupboards! It’s time to make room for the new. A good thorough clean from top to bottom, whilst opening the windows will breathe a breath of fresh air into the room; make use of the cool spring air!


The easiest way to add a fresh new look to your current bath, sink and shower is to upgrade the fittings such as new gleaming taps and showerheads. This is a simple way of changing the look and feel of your bathroom. Why not opt for black or chrome? Replacing your showerhead for a clean one, whilst choosing a power that suits you is an instant way of improving those early mornings.

Talis Modern


Storage is an easy way to de-clutter, hide away towels and create a minimalistic, modern look. We offer both free standing cupboards and wall mounted fixtures such as shelving, radiators and other simple purchases, so there is something to suit your individual needs.


Adding colour to your bathroom is key, whether it be new tiles; towels; fittings and fixtures or furniture. A new colour can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. Take a look at our tile range to get inspired!


Spring welcomes fresh colour and vibrancy in the form of flowers. Whether it be a large bouquet or a single stem, flowers are a cheap way to bring life into your bathroom, lasting up to two weeks. Orchids thrive in humid conditions such as bathrooms, as they are more suited to low light rooms, and will last for months.